Get Smart

'Smart' has got a whole lot Smarter

A Smart Kitchen to serve you.

Choose between filter and bean coffee and brew your tea to perfection every time with our signature iKettle and Smarter Coffee. The iKettle puts you in control. iKettle features are endless, choose the perfect temperature for your tea, remote boil from anywhere in your home, wake up and home mode for perfect timed cuppa and formula mode for safely syncing your babies night feeds.

A kettle as smart as it looks

The iKettle is a kitchen essential with lots of clever features such as ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Home’ modes. Configured to boil alongside your daily routine syncing to your morning alarm or as soon as you get home.

Ask ‘Alexa, put the kettle on’ and earn an extra few glorious minutes in bed.


Take Complete Control

Get your Wi-Fi lights to do what you want and more. 

The latest and most convenient way to control your lights — just tell them what you want them to do, YOUR VOICE IS THE KEY!

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